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Welcome to the KTH Research Project Database

The KTH Research Project Database is intended to contain all the currently on-going projects at KTH. It is managed by the Research Office, and is regularly updated by the research leaders themselves. Please contact for any modification.

Project: Time-causal receptive fields for computer visio...
Period: 16-01-01 - 17-12-31
This project aims at developing new methodology for detecting features from receptive fields for handling time-dependent image data (video/real-tim... » more
Project: Energy-efficient cellulosic insulation products...
The increasing requirements for energy-efficient buildings result in the development of structural materials with improved thermal properties. » more
Project: Scale-space theory for invariant and covariant...
Period: 15-01-01 - 18-12-31
When we humans interpret the visual information that reaches our eyes, we are able to maintain a stable perception although the visual stimuli vary... » more
Project: Brain-like algorithms for temporal sequence pro...

Period: 13-01-01 - 16-12-31
The proposed project aims to extend an existing systems level multi-stage model of the mammalian neocortex with capabilities for spatio-temporal pa... » more


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