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KTH Research Project Database

Acoustics and Noise Technology

Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering

Analytical Chemistry

Antenna Systems Technology

Applied Electrochemistry

Applied Environmental Microbiology

Applied Material Physics

Applied Plasma Physics

Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration

Architectural and Civil Engineering

Architectural Design

Architectural Materials

Architectural Science

Architecture Building Design

Assembly Systems

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Auroral Physics

Automatic Control

Autonomous Systems

Banking and Finance


Biofibre Materials


Biomedical and X-ray Physics


Bioprocess Technology


Building Materials

Building Services Engineering

Building Technology

Casting of Metals

Cell Physics

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Technology


Chemistry and biotechnology

Coating Technology

Cognitive Science


Communication Networks

Communication Science

Communication Theory

Complex Plasmas

Computational Neuroscience

Computational Thermodynamics

Computational Vision and Perception

Computer and System Science

Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science Education

Computer Security and Security Informatics

Computer Systems for Design and Manufacturing

Concrete Structures

Condensed Matter Theory

Construction Management and Economics

Corrosion Science

Design Methodology

Design, Work Environment, Safety and Health

Electric Power Systems

Electrical Design

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

Electromagnetic Theory

Electronics and Computer Systems


Energy and Furnace Technology

Energy Processes

Energy Systems Analysis and Planning

Energy Technology

Engineering Design

Engineering Geology and Geophysics

Engineering Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry

Engineering Material Physics

Environment and Safety

Environment and sustainable development

Environmental and Natural Resources Information System

Environmental Geochemistry

Environmental Management and Assessment

Environmental Modelling

Environmental Physics

Environmental Strategy

Ergonomics and Health Promotion

Experimental Biomolecular Physics

Fibre and Polymer Technology

Fibre Technology

Flight Technology

Gene Technology


Heat and Power Technology

Heating and Ventilation Technology

Highway Engineering


History of Architecture

Housing Renewal

Human - Computer Interaction

Hydraulic Engineering

Industrial Ecology

Industrial Economics and Dynamics

Industrial Economics and Management

Industrial Information and Control Systems

Industrial Metrology and Optics

Industrial Work Science

Information Systems and Software Engineering

Information Technology and Cognitive Science


Inorganic Chemistry

Integrated Devices and Circuits

Integrated Product Development

Internal Combustion Engines

Knowledge Engineering and Communication

KTH Research Project Database

Land and Water Resources Engineering

Laser Physics

Machine Design

Machine Elements

Magnetospheric Physics

Manufacturing Systems

Material Physics

Materials and Semiconductor Physics

Materials Chemistry

Materials Process Science

Materials Science

Materials Technology

Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Statistics





Medical engineering


Micro and Nano Physics


Microsystem Technology

Molecular Biotechnology

Music Acoustics

Nanostructure Physics

Nuclear and Reactor Physics

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Power Safety

Nuclear Reactor Engineering

Numerical Analysis


Optics, Photonics and Quantum Electronics

Optimization and Systems Theory

Organic Chemistry

Paper Technology

Parallel and distributed computing

Particle Physics



Physical Chemistry

Physics and Energy

Plasma Physics

Plasma Propulsion

Polymer Technology

Polymeric Materials

Power Engineering

Production and Mechanical Engineering

Production Engineering

Production Strategy

Production Technology


Quantum Optics

Radio Communication Systems

Railway Technology

Safety Research

Semiconductor Devices

Signal Processing

Social Sciences and Humanities

Soil and Rock Mechanics

Solar System Plasma Physics

Solid Mechanics

Solid State Devices

Sound and Image Processing

Space Physics

Speech Communication

Speech, Music and Hearing

Steel Structures

Structural Design and Bridges

Studies of Artificial Nervous Systems

Surface Chemistry

Sustainable Building Systems

Systems Analysis and Economics

Systems Technology

Telecommunication Systems

Theoretical and applied aesthetics

Theoretical Biological Physics

Theoretical Biophysics

Theoretical Chemistry

Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical Particle Physics

Theory of Materials

Town Planning and Urban Design

Traffic Simulation Research

Transport Phenomena

Transportation and Logistics

Urban Studies

User-oriented IT Design

Vehicle Technology

Water Resources Engineering and Management

Welding Technology

Wireless Technology

Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology

Wood Technology