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Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering (EKC²) (»Add to Infobox)

School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

Internet:  http://www.comp.ee.kth.se/

The vision for EKC² is to establish the centre as leader in the area of Electric Power Engineering, and create a natural meeting point for industry and academia in northern Europe.
The overall goal of EKC² is to strengthen the already established competence profile and create a research centre with even higher international recognition and visibility. By being a leading research centre EKC² can attract academic as well as industrial leaders to collaborate and further strengthen EKC²’s competence profile.


Functional fit for maintenance management

Power system analysis

System security in technical support systems integration


Analysis of the network performance assessment model

Competence Centre in electric power engineering

Enterprise software system architecture for electric utilities

Functional IT for maintenance management

IT for effective electricity distribution

IT-based tools for the management of maintenance

Management of IT in achieving more efficient distribution and end-use of electricity

PEOPLE (4/4) 

Lars Nordström (Director / Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering)
Professor Torsten Cegrell (Research Leader / Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering)
Valerijs Knazkins (Research Leader / Electric Power Systems)
Mathias Ekstedt


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