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School of Information and Communication Technology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

PROJECTS (25/25) 

Analysis and design of run-time reconfigurable, heterogeneous systems - ANDRES

Circuit design for low cost wireless applications

CMOS high frequency circuits for STO Technology

Communication platform architectures for nanoscale electronics

Concurrent packaging and VLSI design for high-frequency circuits and systems

Cross-layer and multi-node cooperation in wireless communications

Design for embedded systems - ArtistDesign

Digitally assisted analog circuits

Efficient and reliable SOC interconnects in a NOC platform

Extended large (3D) integration technology - ELITE

FORSYDE: Formal system design

Functional nanomaterials, polymers and cellulose for printed electronics

Germanium nanowire transistors for sequential 3D integration

Graphene-based RF Circuits

Het MoC - Integration of heterogeneous computational models for embedded systems and SoCs


Mapping optimisation for scalable multicore architecture - MOSART

Mi-Soc: Multi-Source Energy Management for Self-Powered Biosensors

Move logic not data

Nostrum: Networks on chip - Architecture, Performance Analysis, Design

Open SoC design platform for reuse and integration of IPs - SPRINT

Reliability and authenticity evaluation of IT systems

System level exploration of embedded IT systems

Ubiquitous intelligence in paper and packaging

WOV Working on Venus


Digitally Enhanced RF/Analog for Wireless Radios

Efficient algorithms for probabilistic verification

erBio: Ultra Low-Power Electronics for Biomedical Devices

Interconnect-centric System-on-Chip design for Network-on-Chip

Mixed signal design for System-on-Package integration

Paper-based electronic components based on conjugated polymer-nanotube composite

Radio and mixed signal circuit system for convergent wireless applications - RaMSiS

Ultra-low energy, ultra-wideband radio architecture

Wireless network detectors for seamless handover in 4G

PEOPLE (19/19) 

Professor Elena Dubrova (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )

Professor Ana Rusu (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Professor Hannu Tenhunen (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Professor Li-Rong Zheng (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Professor Hĺkan Olsson (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Svante Signell (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Professor Axel Jantsch (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Associate Professor Ingo Sander (Research Leader / Electronic Systems )
Professor Ahmed Hemani (Research Leader / Electronic Systems ) Jian Liu
Zhonghai Lu
Fredrik Jonsson
Rene Krenz
Majid Nejad
Saúl Rodríguez Duenas
Rouslan Sitnikov
Roshan Weerasekera
Hosein Attarzadeh
Johnny Öberg


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