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School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



High-arsenic groundwater in the alluvial aquifers of the Bengal Delta Plain in Bangladesh: Genesis and low-cost remediation

SASMIT - Community driven initiatives to target arsenic safe groundwater as sustainable mitigation strategy

Zinc deficiency in soils, crops and food in Mali


A study on effectiveness of local plant materials on purification of rural domestic water supply

Arsenic in groundwater of Bangladesh: Options for safe drinking water

Contamination of water resources in the Tarkwa mining area of Ghana: Linking technical, social-economic and gender dimensions

Groundwater - surface water ecotones

Options for safe drinking water in regions with high arsenic groundwater in Bangladesh

Women and water: Encountering the challenges of water resource management in rural India from a gender perspective

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Professor emeritus Gunnar Jacks (Research Leader / Environmental Physics)


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