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BiMaC Innovation (»Add to Infobox)

School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

Osquars backe 1
100 44 Stockholm

Phone:  +46 8 790 90 46
Internet:  http://www.bimacinnovation.kth.se/

BiMaC Innovation was started 070701. The intention is to make an important step towards more efficient transfer of research and technology results into commercialization for the Swedish forest industry with its suppliers and customers.

The role of BiMaC Innovation is to attack central, industrially relevant problems, formulated by societal needs, in a paradigm-shifting manner so that innovations can be born. The integration between material (bio) chemistry and mechanics, fibre and surface modification technologies in order to yield new bio(nano)composite materials is one core activity for the centre. A centrepiece is to apply new scientific elements, most often in a cross-disciplinary approach to solve difficult, hitherto unresolved, technical problems.

Three platforms – Biofibre packaging materials, Functional wood and fibre surfaces and Biocomposites – constitute, together with the four prioritized Demonstrator Line Projects – (1) Complex shaped paper and board structures for packaging applications, (2) Residual stress analysis for improved converting properties of paper and board, (3) Engineered wood surfaces and adhesive joints, and (4) Biocomposites, the beginning of BiMaC Innovation.

PEOPLE (2/2) 

Professor Tom Lindström (Head of Centre / BiMaC Innovation)
Micael Stehr


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