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Urban Planning and Environment
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



RADARSAT-2 SAR for urban land-cover change detection

Satellite monitoring of urbanization in China for sustainable development

Spaceborne SAR for analysis of urban environment and detection of human settlements

Spatial-temporal patterns of urban growth & sprawl: Monitoring, analysis and modelling

Spatial-temporal patterns of urban sprawl in China: Monitoring, analysis and modelling

ViSuCity - A visual sustainable city planning tool


Assessing the impact of land use and land-cover change on terrestrial biodiversity using multisensor remote sensing

Deformation measurements of the Vasa ship

Enhancement of research capabilities on multi-functional nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell technology through EU-Turkish-China cooperation - NANCOFC

ENVISAT ASAR for land cover mapping and change detection

High-resolution multisensor satellite data for mapping and monitoring land cover changes in the rural-urban fringe of the Greater Toronto Area

Monitoring of constructions and detection of movements by GPS

Physical geodesy

Synergy of ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS data for landscape classification

PEOPLE (20/20) 

Professor Yifang Ban (Research Leader / Geodesy and Geoinformatics)

Milan Horemuz (Research Leader / Geodesy and Geoinformatics)
Professor Lars E. Sj÷berg (Research Leader / Geodesy and Geoinformatics)
Huaan Fan (Research Leader / Geodesy and Geoinformatics) Kazi Ishtiak Ahmed
Magareta Ihse
Liang Jian
Duncan McConnachie
Mosharef Mir
Jonas Nelson
Irene Rangel Luna
Qiaojun Wu
Liang Gao
Hongtao Hu
Dorothy Furberg
Karoliina Kolehmainen
Johan Wallin
Yunfeng Hu
Qian Zhang
Erick Asenjo


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