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Urban Planning and Environment
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (21/21) 

Adaptation of road drainage structures to climate change


Effective strategies for regional development in an energy-based local economy: Oskarshamn, Sweden

Environmental assessment of road geology and ecology in a system perspective

Environmental Management in Large-scale Construction Projects - learning from Hammarby Sjöstad

Feedback of experiences from new housing projects - a tool in architectural project planning

High-arsenic groundwater in the alluvial aquifers of the Bengal Delta Plain in Bangladesh: Genesis and low-cost remediation

Household metabolism – Modelling the indirect environmental load of household purchase decisions and using the results to explore options for reductions and systems effects

How does the planning goal 'urban density' correspond to people’s residential choices and everyday life? Affordances in differing urban densities

Putting women in place: City environment and female mobility, Lessons from cases of outdoor rapes

Radon in groundwater. Analysis of causes and development of a prediction methodology

Regain and Sustain Modernist Housing – on energy efficiency, architecture and sustainable urban development in the Stockholm City Districts of Järva

Safety in underground stations: the importance of environmental attributes

Situations of Opportunity in the Growth and Change of three Stockholm City Districts – everyday life, built environment and transport explored as Energy Usage Systems and Governance Networks

Social sustainability in rural Sweden: Crime, fear of crime and crime prevention in rural communities

SOURCE - Sustainable Urban Cells

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County, phase 2

Sustainable social practices

Urban environmental justice

Urban form and Social life (Human Behavior)

ViSuCity - A visual sustainable city planning tool


Advanced wastewater treatment - research collaboration between KTH and the Cracow University of Technology

An analysis of housing typologies in the informal settlements of Kampala

Barriers to implementation of the Environmental Load Profile...

Bioenergy from a land-use perspective – competition or synergies with other interests?

BUUF Baltic University Urban Forum

Conditions for future safe dwellings – a survey of knowledge

CRISP, City and construction-related sustainability indicators

Does an enabling strategy fulfil its promise? Evaluation of the new development control code in Botswana

Economics of corporate sustainability management

Environmental aspects of leisure time consumption: Theoretical developments, empirical analysis and normative discussions

Environmental assessment of built environment

Environmental classification of buildings

Environmental geophysics

Environmental management in housing

Environmental management in large scale construction projects - learning from Hammarby Sjöstad

Evaluation of low-income housing projects in South Africa. Urban morphology, infrastructure costs and lifestyle changes

Evaluation of physical healthcare facilities for care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS

Food transport in a sustainable society

From the path of saving to situations of opportunity - a multi-disciplinary PhD project on the built environment, the environmental objectives and the energy

Green building challenge

Human oriented sustainable transport means - HOST

IT-supported service infrastructure in the built environment - The Smart Homes group

Learning the lessons of the US HOPE VI social housing renewal programme

MAMMUT - Managing the metabolism of urbanisation

New suburban nodes for a sustainable future

New urbanism & beyond – Designing cities for the future

Operation and intensification of wastewater treatment plants

Quality in design, architecture and urban design

Salinisation of groundwater in Sweden

Spatial and cultural qualities in domestic architecture of the historic town of Bagamoyo

States in transition and their geographies of crime

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County

Sustainable sludge handling

Sustainable urbanism and beyond: Rethinking cities for the future

Systems analysis - Energy recovery from waste comparing catalytic combustion with fuel cells and flame combustion

Waste management and waste-to-energy applications in tropical urban areas – Thailand and Vietnam case study

PEOPLE (46/46) 

Göran Cars (Professor / Urban and Regional Studies)
Björn Frostell (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Mauritz Glaumann (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Professor emeritus Bengt Hultman (Research Leader / Water, Sewage and Waste Technology)
Catharina Nord (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Professor Bo Olofsson (Research Leader / Environmental Physics)
Professor Elzbieta Plaza (Research Leader / Water, Sewage and Waste Technology)
Professor Örjan Svane (Research Leader / Environmental Strategies Research Group - fms)
Professor emeritus Dick Urban Vestbro (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Inga Britt Werner (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Dorota Wlodarczyk (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Professor Rolf Johansson (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Tigran Haas (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Vania Ceccato (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Lars Orrskog (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Guest Professor Hans Westlund (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Amy Rader Olsson (Research Leader / Urban and Regional Studies)
Getachew Assefa
Malika Bourennane
Michael Edén
Nsumbalimi Gilya
Kirsten Gram-Hanssen
Anders Gullberg
Jan-Erik Gustafsson
Erling Holden
Marie Hult
Daniel Jonsson
Beatrice Kindembe
Ana Mancheno Gren
Johanna Moisander
Ulla Myhr
Barnabas Nawangwe
Susanna Nilsson
Assumpta Nnaggenda-Musana
Inge Røpke
Eivind Stø
Nils Viking
Gunnar Vittersø
Adriaan C Uittenbogaard
Roya Bamzar
Matthew Biniyam
Elisabetta Troglio
Karin Bradley
Adjunct Professor Ulf Ranhagen
Luciane Borges
Mats Lundström


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