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School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (10/10) 

Barriers and bridges in the planning process

Exploring City Marketing in practice

Exploring environmental justice in Sweden

In search of a mechanism for institutional coordination in the planning process: A strategy for improved public transportation in sub-Saharan Africa

Optimising bike sharing in European cities - OBIS

Quiet city transport - QCITY

SOURCE - Sustainable Urban Cells

Sustainable images of the future - for women and men? (FramKoM)

Urban environmental justice

Urban form and Social life (Human Behavior)


Enlargement of the European Union and the wider European perspective as regards its polycentric spatial structure

Family life without time shortage

Incentives to innovation in operations and maintenance of roads and railroads

Learning the lessons of the US HOPE VI social housing renewal programme

New suburban nodes for a sustainable future

New urbanism & beyond – Designing cities for the future

Performance based building - PeBBu

Sustainable development and economic growth

Sustainable urbanism and beyond: Rethinking cities for the future

PEOPLE (18/18) 

Bosse Bergman (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Karolina Isaksson (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Christer Sjöström (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Professor Folke Snickars (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Krister Olsson (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Tigran Haas (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Ahmad Kanyama (Research Leader / Urban Planning and Environment)
Sylvia Dovlén
Maria Håkansson
Jörgen Larsson
Bertil Malmström
Lars Olof Persson
Torbjörn Stenbeck
Jerker Söderlind
Lisa Van Well
Tora Friberg
Karin Bradley
Markus Robèrt


Urban and Regional Studies

Environmental Strategies Research Group - fms

Geodesy and Geoinformatics


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