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Fluid and Climate Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Civil and Architectural Engineering
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



CFD modelling and simulation of indoor climate towards energy-efficient buildings with minimised health risks

Forced natural ventilation - modelling and application

Indoor air quality and health problems in schools

Low-temperature baseboard heaters in buildings

Radiator design in low-temperature systems

Temperature controlled laminar airflow compared to mixing ventilation in reducing aeroallergen/infectious agent exposure

Ventilation strategy to improve health and productivity conditions


Climate conditions in vehicles as a working place

Simulation of air flow and particle movements for optimum ventilation strategy

PEOPLE (9/9) 

Professor Sture Holmberg (Research Leader / Fluid and Climate Technology)
Jaideep Guha
Jonn Are Myhren
Marko Granroth
Thomas Alsmo
Shia-Hui Peng
Adnan Ploskic
Sven Alenius
Pål Svensson


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