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School of Technology and Health
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Contrast echocardiography

European illicit trafficking countermeasures kit - EURITRACK

Nuclear medical imaging

Single event upset - soft errors in memory circuits in radiative environment

Three modality contrast imaging using multi-functionalized microballoons - 3MICRON

Three-dimensional echocardiography and flow-volume loops

Tissue ultrasound and musculo-skeletal muscle research



Exercise ECG for diagnosing coronary artery disease

Fetal cardiac monitoring with ultrasound

Non-invasive ultrasound-based visualization of the heart mechanics and the circulatory system

Parametric cardiac and vascular ultrasound images

PEOPLE (16/16) 

Professor Lars-Åke Brodin (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)

Professor Andras Kerek (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Roger Kölegård (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Ola Eiken (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Mikael Gennser (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Professor Kaj Lindecrantz (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Affiliated Professor Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Peta Sjölander (Research Leader / Medical Engineering) Anna Bjällmark
Matilda Larsson
Michael Peolsson
Nina Elmstedt
Kambiz Shahgaldi
Dennis Sturm
Håkan Kronander
Frida Lindberg


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