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Water, Sewage and Waste Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Land and Water Resources Engineering
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




Phosphorus recovery and recycling using tobermorite conversion in materials developed from by-products

Remediation of metal polluted soils using plants and reactive materials

Sorption of phosphorus released from agriculture and productive recycling using reactive filter materials

Triggered phosphorus recovery using reactive filter materials tapping into the potential of wastewater as a key resource


A study on effectiveness of local plant materials on purification of rural domestic water supply

Advanced wastewater treatment - research collaboration between KTH and the Cracow University of Technology

BUUF Baltic University Urban Forum

Onsite management and treatment of contaminated water at landfills

Operation and intensification of wastewater treatment plants

Pre-sedimentation and reactive filter beds for storm water treatment in traffic dense areas with high pollution load

Small-scale, sustainable wastewater treatment using reactive bed filters

Sustainable sludge handling

PEOPLE (21/21) 

Gunno Renman (Research Leader / Environmental Geochemistry)

Professor emeritus Bengt Hultman (Research Leader / Water, Sewage and Waste Technology)
Professor Elzbieta Plaza (Research Leader / Water, Sewage and Waste Technology) Jerzy Banas
Victor Cabanas Cucarella
Magnus Hallberg
Marian Hopkowicz
Sara Jannes
Marek Kabacinski
Erik Levlin
Monica Lwn
Nancy Marobhe
Jerzy Mikosz
Stanislaw Rybicki
Kristina Stark
Wieslawa Styka
Anna Stypka
Thomas Stypka
Gustav Tham
Jozef Trela
Krystyna Zeglin


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