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Materials Science and Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (12/12) 

Advanced materials for future electronics - spintronics

Advanced teoretical modelling of modern energy-relevant materials

Atomic-scale investigation of steel materials by first principles method

Computational nanomagnetism

Diffusion and corrosion studies

First-principles investigation of phase stability and properties of copper-based alloys

Flow cytometry based protease profiling

Grain boundary physics in ZnO nanostructures

Half-metallic compounds for spintronics applications

Modelling of Functional Materials in Clean Energy Engineering

Quantum mechanical modelling of the ionic conductivity in doped ceria (CeO2)

Surface properties of metals and alloys from first-principles theory


CCT - Centre of computational thermodynamics

Electron structure and thermophysics of metals and alloys

Electronic structure of nanowires

First principles study of temperature-induced phase transitions

Fundamental technological properties of advanced metallic alloys

Intermetallic phases - Inalloy

Micro-reaction mechanisms: Investigation of high temperature steam gasification of biomass using Density Functional Theory


SSF Nanomagick

Surface properties of metals and alloys from first-principles theory

Theoretical study of thin-film photovoltaic chalcopyrites

PEOPLE (12/12) 

Anatoly Belonoshko (Research Leader / Applied Material Physics)
Anna Delin (Research Leader / Applied Material Physics)
Professor Börje Johansson (Research Leader / Applied Material Physics)
Clas Persson (Research Leader / Applied Material Physics)
Professor Levente Vitos (Research Leader / Applied Material Physics)
David Andersson
Vitalij Bajkov
Jonas Fransson
Anders Hahlin
Pavel Korzhavyi
Anders Odell
Mikael Ersson


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