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Architecture (Dep)
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (11/11) 

Auto-poiesis and design: authorship and generative strategies

Environments for dwelling and care intended for fragile elderly people in the fourth age

FATALE - Feminist Architecture Theory Analysis Laboratory and Education

Office environment, health and job satisfaction

Quiet city transport - QCITY

Recycling Space - explorative design analysis of renewal of the existing

Regain and Sustain Modernist Housing – on energy efficiency, architecture and sustainable urban development in the Stockholm City Districts of Järva

Situations of Opportunity in the Growth and Change of three Stockholm City Districts – everyday life, built environment and transport explored as Energy Usage Systems and Governance Networks

The Academy for practice-based research in architecture and design

The poetics of critical writing in architecture, art and design research

To see and be seen in healthcare: User-oriented design for visibility and cooperation in spatial systems for healthcare


Architecture and its mythologies - authorship, judgement and representation

Dwellings and neighbourhoods - care and sustainable development

IT-supported service infrastructure in the built environment - The Smart Homes group

Quality in design, architecture and urban design

Quality judgment and quality improvement

Techniques for sustainability in housing areas of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s

The most ephemeral. Architectural theories on colour

The usefulness of office buildings, development of analytical methods

Town planning - focusing on environmental and safety issues

Urban form and economical sustainability - spatial conditions for the development of local economies

Urban pattern and morphology: A typo-morphological study of the city building of Stockholm

xakt - Critical theory in architecture

PEOPLE (45/45) 

Abarkan Abdellah (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Professor Katja Grillner (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Elizabeth Hatz (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Rolf Gullström-Hughes (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Professor Ulf Keijer (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Lars Marcus (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Magnus Rönn (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Professor Jesper Steen (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Sonja Vidén (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Ingela Blomberg (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Tor Lindstrand (Research Leader / School of Architecture (Div))
Tim Anstey
Thordis Arrhenius
Charlotta Bergström
Ana Betancour
Katarina Bonnevier
Marina Botta
Catharina Dyrssen
Katrin Fagerström
Catharina Gabrielsson
Per Glembrandt
Jenny Wiklund
Ulrika Karlsson
Stefan Lundberg
Professor Jerker Lundequist
Helena Mattson
Pablo Miranda Carranza
Anna Odlinge
Lars Raattamaa
Klas Ruin
Pål Röjgård
Gunnar Sandin
Meike Schalk
Roger Spetz
Lars-Henrik Ståhl
Alexander Ståhle
Charlotte Svensson
Elisabeth Tornberg
Sven-Olov Wallenstein
Malin Zimm
Erik Stenberg
Christina Bodin Danielsson
Olof Kolte
Anders Johansson
Architect Brady Burroughs


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