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Numerical Analysis and Computing Science
School of Computer Science and Communication
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (10/10) 

Document design and management in shared environments

European research network on excellence in processing open cultural heritage - EPOCH

FunkIS - Functionality enhancing technologies for built-in systems with application within advanced medical processes

Models for human interaction with mobile service robots

Multimodal collaboration environment for inclusion of visually impaired children - MICOLE

Students' approaches to studying and learning in web- and campus-based courses

Sustainable social practices

UsersAward - User certification of workplace IT support

ViSuCity - A visual sustainable city planning tool

Web-based monitoring of students to improve the learning process


ASK-ME: Awareness systems supporting knowledge management and exchange in organisations

Cognitive robotics companion - Cogniron

Connected communities

Design for all network of excellence - D4ALLNET

Digital and physical interactive environments - DAPHNE


FAUST - Could Faust disinvent the A-bomb?

Interaction forms

Interactive storytelling for creative people - INSCAPE

Network of Excellence for people-centred design of interactive systems – Convivio

Networked environment for personalized, ontology-based management of unified knowledge - The social semantic desktop – NEPOMUK

New paradigms and tools for mathematics education

Nomad: IT support for university students as nomadic workers and group learners

Procurement competence

The network for people-centred design of interactive systems CONVIVIO

PEOPLE (28/28) 

Henrik Artman (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)

Kristina Groth (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Professor Yngve Sundblad (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Professor Kerstin Severinson Eklundh (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Lars Kjelldahl (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Ann Lantz (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Olle Bälter (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Professor Jan Gulliksen (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction)
Minna Räsänen (Research Leader / Human - Computer Interaction) John Bowers
Cristian Bogdan
Pedro Jorge
Lars Oestreicher
Henrry Rodriguez
Chiara Rossitto
Rósa Gudjonsdottir
Henrik Edlund
Pär Lannerö
Sinna Lindquist
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
Gustav Taxén
Björn Thuresson
Helena Tobiasson
Åke Walldius
Bo Westerlund
Fredrik Winberg
Rebekah Cupitt
Henrik Åhman


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