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Chemical Reaction Engineering (»Add to Infobox)

Chemical Engineering and Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Development of advanced low temperature SOFCs for residential polygeneration units

Development of innovative biomass and alcohol fuelled SOFCs for polygeneration

New electrode concept with high performance catalysts for oxygen reduction

Solar powered small-scale production of freshwater


Balance of plant (BOP) on MCFC and SOFC power plants

Catalytic abatement of emissions from small-scale combustion of wood

Combustion reaction engineering

Efficient energy use in chlor-alkali cells by oxygen reduction cathodes

Electrochemical characterisation of nanoporous skeleton carbons

Enhancement of research capabilities on multi-functional nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell technology through EU-Turkish-China cooperation - NANCOFC

Integrated BIO-FC Technology

Micro electrode characterisation for a double layer supercapacitor

Microelectrode/micromanipulator method for electrochemical characterisation of particles and porous electrodes

Towards understanding the fuel chemistry of homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion

PEOPLE (9/9) 

Yohannes Kiros (Research Leader / Chemical Reaction Engineering)
Christopher Sylwan (Research Leader / Chemical Reaction Engineering)
Rolando Zanzi (Research Leader / Chemical Reaction Engineering)
Bin Zhu (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Johan Andrae
Martin Bursell
Lennart Edsberg
Helena Malmberg
Massoud Pirjamali


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