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Machine Design
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.md.kth.se/div/mda/index.shtml

PROJECTS (10/10) 

Advancing traffic efficiency and safety through software technology, phase 2 – ATESST2

Architectural design of embedded control systems

Automotive mechatronic module design

Cost efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems - CESAR

Design for embedded systems - ArtistDesign

Education for Product Innovation

Foundations of software testing


Intelligent distributed process utilisation and blazing environmental key - Indisputable Key

Mobile manipulation


Advancing traffic efficiency and safety through software technology - ATESST

Control for embedded systems within the European network of excellence on embedded systems Design - Artist2

Dynamically self-configuring automotive systems - DYSCAS

European mechatronics for a new generation of production systems - Eumecha-pro

Experimental learning in Mechatronics: The lab in your pocket

Modular mechatronic systems

Product-Based Learning with international distributed student teams - PBL-X

Walking robot control

PEOPLE (19/19) 

Professor Mats Hanson (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
Hans Johansson (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
Professor Martin Törngren (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
Martin Grimheden (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
Professor Jan Wikander (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
Johan Tegin (Research Leader / Mechatronics)
De-Jiu Chen
Jad Elkhoury
Johan Ingvast
Fredrik Roos
Jianlin Shi
Tahir Naseer
Bengt Eriksson
Mikael Hellgren
Magnus Persson
Anders Sandberg
Carl-Johan Sjöstedt
Fredrik Asplund
Matthias Biehl


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