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Applied Electrochemistry (»Add to Infobox)

Chemical Engineering and Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




A design tool for energy-saving electrochromic windows

Controlled delamination materials for interactive packaging

Electrolytic processes

FC chain: an interdisciplinary programme for overcoming technical, social and market issues of solid oxide fuel cells energy systems

High temperature fuel cells


Polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Secondary batteries. Lithium-ion batteries

The ZEBRA battery


Advanced fuel converters for urban buses - applied to the Scania E-chassis concept

Automotive high temperature fuel cell membranes - Autobrane

Coordination Action of Research on Intermediate and high temperature Specialised Membrane electrode Assemblies – CARISMA

Development of an electro-dialysis cell for continuous removal of nitrate from ground water

Direct methanol fuel cells

Electrolytic treatment of cancer

Integrated researches on materials, technologies and processes to enhance MCFC in a sustainable development - IRMATECH

Methanol oxidising anodes in zinc electrowinning

Molten carbonate fuel cells

System studies of stationary fuel cells for small-scale cogeneration applications

The fuel cell testing standardisation network - FCTESTNET

PEOPLE (30/30) 

Professor Göran Lindbergh (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Carina Lagergren (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Mårten Behm (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Ann Cornell (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Rakel Wreland Lindström (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Torbjörn Åkermark (Research Leader / Applied Electrochemistry)
Andreas Bodén
Henrik Ekström
Nicklas Holmström
Sophie von Kraemer
Andreas Nyman
Sara Randström
Mari Sparr
Thomas Tingelöf
Thomas Vernersson
Maria Wesselmark
Katarina Wiezell
Ivan Rexed
Lars Hildebrandt
Simon Leijonmarck
John Gustavsson
Pontus Svens
Tommy Zavalis
Maria Kjell
Katrin Kortsdottir
Alejandro Oyarce
Johnny Degerman
Verena Klass
Matilda Klett
Henrik Lundgren


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