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Energy Technology
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



PROJECTS (17/17) 

Absorption technology for heat pumping and cooling

AROMA - Aeroelastic reduced order model analysis

Biofuels research infrastructure for sharing knowledge - BRISK

Biogas based poly-generation for rural development in Bangladesh (Access to clean energy and services)

Computerized Educational Project in Heat and Power Technology - CompEduHPT

Development of advanced low temperature SOFCs for residential polygeneration units

Development of innovative biomass and alcohol fuelled SOFCs for polygeneration

Efficiency improvements of high pressure turbine stage: Selection of reaction degree

Efficiency improvements of the high pressure turbine stage

FUTURE – Flutter-free turbomachinery blades

Loss measurements and secondary flow investigations on a film-cooled nozzle guide vane (NGV) in a transonic annular cascade

Micro-scale biomass polygeneration

Oxynizing the deep part of the Baltic Sea by a valve in the Great Belt sound

Phase change materials (PCMs) and chemical reactions for thermal energy storage

Sustainable co-production of drinking water and domestic hot water by membrane distillation-integrated solar hot water systems

Sustainable energy systems in advanced cities - SESAC

TurboVib - Development and validation of prediction models for assessing the life of turbomachinery components with respect to vibration


An extensive technical, economical and environmental assessment of energy recovery from palm-oil residues

Bioenergy from a land-use perspective – competition or synergies with other interests?

Catalytic combustion of gasified biomass and natural gas at high pressure for gas turbine applications

Efficient steam turbines for small-scale energy conversion plants

Enhancement of research capabilities on multi-functional nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell technology through EU-Turkish-China cooperation - NANCOFC

Environomics - Thermoeconomic and environomic assessment of biomass-based energy processes

Generic studies on energy related fluid-structure interaction II

High pressure catalytic combustion for gas turbine applications

Hybrid dual-fuel combined cycles with biomass-fired bottoming cycle

Industrial ultrapure water production and solar-driven desalination using membrane distillation

Integrated BIO-FC Technology

Membrane distillation and applications for water purification

Polygeneration with advanced small and medium scale thermally driven air-condition and refrigeration technology - POLYSMART

Professional e-learning - PROLEARN

ProLearn - Professional e-learning

Steam turbine optimization for solar thermal power plant operation

The KTH cluster of research infrastructures in sustainable thermal power generation - SUSPOWER

Unsteady transitional flows in axial turbomachines - UTAT

Waste management and waste-to-energy applications in tropical urban areas – Thailand and Vietnam case study

Web-based, interactive laboratory experiments in Heat and Power technology

PEOPLE (40/40) 

Vitali Fedulov (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Professor Torsten H. Fransson (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Jens Fridh (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Jiasen Hu (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Professor Andrew Martin (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Miroslav Petrov (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Reza Fakhrai (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Bin Zhu (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Viktoria Martin (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Yacine Abbes
Liu Chuangfeng
Ivan Kazachkov
Nalin Navarathna
Marianne Salomon
Jeevan Perera Weeraratne Jayasuriya
Nenad Glodic
Maria Mayorca
Justin Chiu
Amir Vadiee
Rizwan Raza
Zhan Gao
Cosimo Guerra
Yifu Jing
Xiaodi Wang
Seksan Udomsri
Alaa Kullab
Anneli Carlqvist
Florian Fruth
Abhishek Nanjundappa
Hina Noor
Catharina Erlich
Adhemar Araoz
Evelyn Cardozo
Fabiola Baina
Peter Hagström
James Spelling
Ranjan Saha
Björn Laumert
Uday Kumar
Ershad Khan


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