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Electromagnetic Engineering (»Add to Infobox)

School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



PROJECTS (19/19) 

Access technologies: multiple access, multiple users, multiple distributed antenna systems (AM3)

AESA AEW Aperture solution

Algorithms and experimental methods for electrotechnical design

Antenna Centre of Excellence

Antenna system simulator as part of CHASE

Computational electromagnetics

Insulation diagnostics

Investigation of lightning and other electromagnetic interference effects in the railway network

Lifetime modelling and management of transformers

Methods for applied inverse electromagnetic problems

Nanocomposite insulation systems

Optimal design of planar lightwave circuits

Optimal designs for photonic crystals

Reliability centred asset management (RCAM)

Reliability cost of activities and equipment in the power system

Reliability modelling and design for complex power systems

Risks in the electrical distribution systems with optimal maintenance management

Studies of electromagnetic meta-materials and their applications

Synthesis and synergy for efficient risk analysis


Development of technology for high-temperature superconductors in electric power systems

Electromagnetic fields in curved layered structures and their relevance to conformal antennas

Magnetoelastic energy systems for even more electric aircraft

Maintenance optimisation of electrical networks

Maintenance techniques

Modelling of power equipment reliability with special reference to the impact of maintenance

Reliability and cost-centred maintenance methods

SIGANT, body-integrated antennas

PEOPLE (38/38) 

Professor Göran Engdahl (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Professor Sailing He (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Sven Hörnfeldt (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Patrik Persson (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Hans Edin (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Patrik Hilber (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Lars Jonsson (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Professor Rajeev Thottappillil (Research Leader / Electromagnetic Engineering)
Professor emeritus Staffan Ström
Martin Norgren
Lars Austrin
Uno Gäfvert
Julius Krah
Gavita Mugala
Mattias Oscarsson
Ruslan Papazyan
Per Pettersson
David Ribbenfjärd
Nathaniel Taylor
Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari
Torbjörn Wass
Anna Wolfbrandt
Daoxin Dai
Ola Forslund
Jun Lu
Vladimir Romanov
Constantin Simovski
Takashi Takenaka
Qian Wang
Valentinas Dubickas
Cecilia Forssén
Tommie Lindquist
Julia Nilsson
Johan Setréus
Hanif Tavakoli
Johanna Rosenlind
Francois Besnard
Seyed Ali Mousavi


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