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Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Fibre and Polymer Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




A sustainable process for production of green chemicals from softwood bark - Probark

Bio-composites based on birch suberin

Design of biodegradable biocomposites with tuned degradation time

Energy-efficient cellulosic insulation products/panels for green building solutions

Influence of chemical modifications, pulping and fibre-morphological parameters on mechano-sorptive creep in kraftliner

Refined cellulose derivatives for high-value biomedical products (Recell)

Topochemical modification of fibres during kraft pulping

Utilisation of strength potential of pulp fibres


A future for the Vasa shipwreck – characterization of degradation of wood polymers

Biointeractive fibres with antibacterial properties

Biomimetic synthesis of suberin for new biomaterials


Kraft pulping chemistry

Lignin-carbohydrate complex (LCC) in softwoods

Modification and characterisation of biopolymers for use in novel materials

New cellulose derivatives from food for high value products (Newcell)

Novel methods for studying the biosynthesis of polycyclic biopolymers

Yellowing of kraft pulp

PEOPLE (21/21) 

Professor emeritus Göran Gellerstedt (Research Leader / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology)
Professor Gunnar Henriksson (Research Leader / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology)
Mikael Lindström (Research Leader / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology)
Monica Ek (Research Leader / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology)
Stefan Antonsson
Elisabeth Brännvall
Sverker Danielsson
Mats Johnsson
Martin Lawoko
Olena Sevastyanova
Josefin Illergård
David Ibarra Trejo
Dina Dedic
Myriam LeNormand
Dr Wakako Kasai
Dongfang Li
Thorsak Kittikorn
Josefin Illergård
Rosana Moriana Torró
Hans Hortans
Chao Zheng


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