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Solid Mechanics (Div) (»Add to Infobox)

Solid Mechanics (Dep)
School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




Compaction mechanics

Failure criterion for fibre/fibre joints in self-binding fibre composite materials

Residual stress analysis for improved conversion and properties of paper and board

TurboVib - Development and validation of prediction models for assessing the life of turbomachinery components with respect to vibration


Contact at finite friction and arbitrary profiles

Cracking in solder joints between circuit boards and electronic components

Failure and design criteria for corrugated board panels under combined mechanical and hygroscopic loadings

Fatigue research

Length scale effects on inelastic deformation in polymer materials

Micromechanical analysis of powder compaction

Micromechanical modelling of fracture toughness in paper

Micromechanical modelling of mixed mode ductile fracture

Micromechanical modelling of surface scratching

Modelling of fretting fatigue mechanisms

Modelling of plastic deformation on small scales - thin films and polycrystalline materials

Process simulation of high voltage cables

Residual stresses in paperboard and the influence of drying conditions

Test method for interlaminar shear strength measurements of composite laminates

Variable amplitude fatigue crack growth in the low cycle regime

PEOPLE (31/31) 

Jonas Faleskog (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))

President of KTH, Professor Peter Gudmundson (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Professor Per-Lennart Larsson (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Jonas Neumeister (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Professor Mårten Olsson (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Professor emeritus Bertil Storåkers (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Professor Sören Östlund (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Mikael Nygårds (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div))
Martin Kroon (Research Leader / Solid Mechanics (Div)) Christer Fellers
Jessica Agde Tjernlund
Bo Alfredsson
Imad Barsoum
Etienne Bonnaud
Alessandro Cadario
Leif Carlsson
Johan Dahlberg
Denis Elaguine
Per Fredriksson
Kristofer Gamstedt
Stina-Lisa Gelin
Pär Ljustell
Petri Mäkelä
Lorant Olasz
Kaj Pettersson
Olle Skrinjar
Jostein Wiedekamm
Fredrik Wredenberg
Magnus Östlund
Per Lindskog - Sandvik Tooling
Daniel Andersson


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