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Fusion Plasma Physics (»Add to Infobox)

School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.fusion.kth.se/


Active control of MHD modes in fusion plasma

EXTRAP T2 fusion experiment

Fusion plasma physics

Self organisation in open systems

Stability and energy confinement of alternative magnetic fusion concepts

Theory of fusion plasmas

Transport barriers: Controlling turbulence in confined plasma

Treatment of fission waste radioactivity by means of fusion neutrons


Plasma based treatment of waste

REALSIMPLE - Combining physical reality with simulations in pedagogical laboratory experiments

The JET EU microbeam project

PEOPLE (14/14) 

Per Brunsell (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Professor James Drake (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Birger Emmoth† (Research Leader / )
Professor Torbjörn Hellsten (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Marek Rubel (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Professor Jan Scheffel (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Professor Michael Tendler (Research Leader / Fusion Plasma Physics)
Tommy Bergkvist
Henric Bergsåker
Jerzy Brzozowski
Jon-Erik Dahlin
Thomas Johnson
Martin Laxåback
Ahmed Mirza


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