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Land and Water Resources Engineering
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




Differential settlement and hydraulic fracturing in zoned dams

Hydraulic-topological analysis as basis for improved runoff predictions

Oxynizing the deep part of the Baltic Sea by a valve in the Great Belt sound

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County, phase 2

Time-scales of leakage of CO2 from bedrock storages and optimized hydrogeological siting


Mitigation of sedimentation and erosion problems in the river Klarälven

On droughts in the Lesotho Lowlands

Role of coupling between microbiological and hydrological processes for denitrification in treatment wetlands

Study of flow and transport of radionuclides on the geosphere-watershed scale

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County

PEOPLE (8/8) 

Professor emeritus Klas Cederwall (Research Leader / Hydraulic Engineering)
Bijan Dargahi (Research Leader / Hydraulic Engineering)
Professor Anders Wörman (Research Leader / Hydraulic Engineering)
Ola Öberg (Research Leader / Hydraulic Engineering)
Lars Marklund
Johan Kjellin
Joakim Riml
Anna Gustafsson


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