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PROJECTS (25/25) 

A new mechanism of shearing diffusion in a gas

Active control of boundary layer transition

Active control of vortex shedding behind bluff bodies

Analytical and statistical mechanics for systems of many charged particles

Arctic sea ice in warm climates

Back-coupling of fibre orientation on flow of sedimenting fibre suspensions: statistical modelling and experimental validation.

Computational structural mechanics

Dielectrophoresis in micro- and nano-fluidics

Direct numerical simulation of a reacting turbulent wall-jet

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent separation and separation control


Experiments on wall bounded shear flows

Explicit algebraic sub-grid scale modelling for large-eddy simulations

Extending the Navier-Stokes equations for a gas to smaller length scales

High energy concentration in gas by action of strong stable converging shocks

Higher-order finite difference methods for DNS/LES in complex geometries

Human musculoskeletal biomechanics: motion analysis, modelling and simulation

Laminar-turbulent transition delay by means of passive control

Modelling of flow separation control by means of vortex generators

New aircraft concepts research - NACRE

Numerical simulation of flows of fluids containing small particles

Numerical study of fully developed high Reynolds number turbulent pipe flow

Stratified turbulence in the atmosphere and the oceans

SUPERsonic TRAnsition Control - SUPERTRAC

Testing for laminar flow on new aircraft - TELFONA


Active control of flow separation in an asymmetric plane diffuser

Back-coupling of fibre orientation on flow of sedimenting fibre suspensions: statistical modelling and experimental validation.

Cross-country driving dynamics

Development of an electro-dialysis cell for continuous removal of nitrate from ground water

Directional stability of trucks and buses

Driver, goods and chassis comfort

Dynamics of moderately and highly rarefied gases

European optimised pantograph catenary interface - EUROPAC

FENET thematic network

Fibre deposition on a wire

High level modelling of high-lift aerodynamics - HiAer

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) driving dynamics

Hydrodynamics of solid polymer fuel cells

Large eddy simulation of swirling impinging jets

Measurement, modelling and simulation of turbulence

Micro fluid mechanics in dielectrophoresis

Modelling, simulation and control of nonsmooth dynamical systems - SICONOS

Muscular mechanics

Non-linear wave propagation in fluids

Numerical and experimental studies of a plane wall jet

Numerical methods for the flow at multiple blade twin-wire forming of paper

Numerical modelling of dilute fibre suspensions

Overhead power systems for interoperability of high-speed trains

Partial differential equations and finite element methods

Shock induced enhancement of sonoluminescence

SIG-DLAE: Special interest group on distance learning accreditation in Europe

Simulation and modelling of turbulent flow and combustion 1

Simulation and modelling of turbulent flow and combustion 2

Simulation of flexible structures

Swirling jet flows

Theoretical acoustical investigations with applications in musical acoustics

Transferring of EU assessment experience to Moldova's universities - TAEM

Turbulent boundary layers at high Reynolds numbers and new wind-tunnel design techniques

Wind turbine wakes

PEOPLE (67/67) 

Professor Henrik Alfredsson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Professor Gustav Amberg (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Nicholas Apazidis (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Geert Brethouwer (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Lars Drugge (Research Leader / Vehicle Dynamics)
Professor Anders Eriksson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Hanno Essén (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Docent Jens Fransson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Laszlo Fuchs (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Elena Gutierrez Farewik (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Professor Arne Johansson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Göran Karlsson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Erik Lindborg (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Per Lötstedt (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Arne Nordmark (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Christer Nyberg (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Professor Annika Stensson (Research Leader / Vehicle Dynamics)
Professor Anders Szepessy (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Lars Söderholm (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Gunnar Tibert (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Luca Brandt (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Adjunct Professor Ardeshir Hanifi (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Jenny Jerrelind (Research Leader / Vehicle Dynamics)
Anders Dahlkild (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Professor Dan Henningson (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Daniel Söderberg (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Fredrik Lundell (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Karl-Erik Thylwe (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Mihai Mihaescu (Research Leader / Mechanics)
Bertil Gustafsson
Daniel Ahlman
Anders Ahlström
Jean-Marc Battini
Martin Byström
Valery Chernoray
Mattias Chevalier
Carlo Cossu
Veronica Eliasson
Olof Grundestam
Astrid Herbst
Jerome Hoepffner
Boris Jacob
Mattias Jansson
Ori Levin
Yuan Lin
Lennart Löfdahl
Linus Marstorp
Davide Medici
Per J. Olsson
Erik Stålberg
Alessandro Talamelli
Michael Thomas
Olle Törnblom
Stefan Wallin
Shuya Yoshioka
Espen Åkervik
Ramis Örlü
Bengt Fallenius
Malte Kjellander
Amin Rasam
Florian von Stillfried
Philipp Schlatter
Peter Lenaers
Zeinab Pouransari
Marit Berger
Jenny Brandefelt


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