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Optimization and Systems Theory (»Add to Infobox)

Mathematics (Dep)
School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.math.kth.se/optsyst/

PROJECTS (15/15) 

ACCESS (Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks, Signals and Systems)

Analytic interpolation with complexity constraints

AURES - Autonomous UGV systems for reconnaissance and surveillance

Feedback design for wireless networked systems - FeedNetBack

Generalized moment problems with complexity constraint

Geometric theory of linear stochastic systems

Hybrid control of autonomous systems

Hybrid Control: Taming heterogeneity and complexity of networked embedded systems - HYCON

Integral quadratic constraints

Interaction, learning and cognition in robot systems - RoSy

Optimization approaches to distributed multi-cell radio resource management

Optimization of radiation therapy

Scalable Robust Control of Networked Systems

Topology optimization of stress-constrained structures

Universal regulators for systems with harmonic disturbances


A renaissance of the bicycle?

Control and sensing of non-linear mobile systems

Design and engineering of the next generation Internet - EuroNGI

Embedded control with distributed sensing and computing

Intelligent service robot

Large-scale nonlinear optimization

Process modelling, operator training simulation, and optimization applied to paper board manufacturing

Real-time embedded control of mobile systems with distributed sensing - RECSYS

Robust control of complex networks

Topology optimization of load-carrying structures

PEOPLE (23/23) 

Per Olof Gutman (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Professor Krister Svanberg (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Professor Anders Lindquist (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Professor Anders Forsgren (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Professor Xiaoming Hu (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Ulf Jönsson (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)
Stefan Almér
Anders Blomqvist
Anders Dahlén
Giovanna Fanizza
B. Ghosh
Tove Gustavi
Johan Karlsson
Yohei Kuroiwa
Jarmo Malinen
C.F. Martin
Ryozo Nagamune
Alberto Speranzon
Mats Werme
Mikael Fallgren
Rasmus Bokrantz
Albin Fredriksson
Tove Odland


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