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School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Dryout and post dryout measurements in annular geometry with tubes of Inconel

Experimental and numerical investigation of post-dryout heat transfer in channels with obstacles

High performance light water reactor - HPLWR

Measurement and analysis of dryout and film thickness in a tube with various axial power distributions

NURESIM Nuclear reactor simulations - Critical heat flux


Development of the RELAP5 code for fluid-structure interaction analysis

European approach to nuclear and radiological emergency management and rehabilitation strategies - EURANOS

Experimental and theoretical investigation of air-steam-hydrogen distribution in the reactor containment with focus on steam condensation effects

Mechanistic modelling of dryout in fuel assemblies: Hydrodynamics and stability of liquid films in annular flows

PEOPLE (8/8) 

Henryk Anglart (Research Leader / Reactor Technology)
Wiktor Frid (Research Leader / Reactor Technology)
Per Persson (Research Leader / Reactor Technology)
Carl Adamsson
Mattias Hemlin
Krzysztof Karkoszka
Ferenc Muller
Ionut Anghel


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