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School of Biotechnology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.biotech.kth.se/molbio/

PROJECTS (18/18) 

A European infrastructure of ligand binding molecules against the human proteome - ProteomeBinders

Affibody-mediated biotherapy

Bacterial surface display

Cancer and stem cells

Combinatorial protein and genetic engineering

Development and applications of protein microarrays

Development and optimization of protein purification processes

Development of technologies for detection of proteins

ENGAGE - European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology

EU-MOLPAGE: Molecular phenotyping to accelerate genomic epidemiology

Flow cytometry based protease profiling

Molecular tools

New concepts for radiolabelling of PET imaging tracers

Proteomics specification in time and space - PROSPECTS

The origin and early history of domestic dogs

The Swedish Human Proteome Resource (HPR) program

Transcript profiling and genotyping

Tree biotechnology and bioinformatics


Bioautomation in molecular biotechnology

Development and applications of DNA and protein microarrays

National resource centre for high throughput SNP genotyping and SNP discovery

Visualization and data-handling tools for analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms

PEOPLE (45/45) 

Professor Sophia Hober (Research Leader / Proteomics)
Amelie Eriksson Karlström (Research Leader / Molecular Biotechnology)
Professor Joakim Lundeberg (Research Leader / Gene Technology)
Peter Nilsson (Research Leader / Proteomics)
Professor Per-Åke Nygren (Research Leader / Molecular Biotechnology)
Jacob Odeberg (Research Leader / Gene Technology)
Patrik Samuelson (Research Leader / Molecular Biotechnology)
Peter Savolainen (Research Leader / Gene Technology)
Fredrik Sterky (Research Leader / Gene Technology)
Professor Stefan Ståhl (Research Leader / Molecular Biotechnology)
Professor Mathias Uhlén (Research Leader / Proteomics)
Anja Persson (Research Leader / Proteomics)
Tove Alm
Malin Andersson
Maria Andersson
Jorge Andrade
Nina Bandmann
Torun Engfeldt
Ronny Falk
My Hedhammar
Kristina Holmberg
George Kostallas
Cecilia Laurell
Sissela Liljeqvist
Johan Lindberg
John Löfblom
Jenny Ottosson
Björn Renberg
Rebecca Rimini
Lars Svennersten
Per Unneberg
Henrik Wernérus
Valtteri Wirta
Annika Åbergh
Cecilia Eriksson
Hanna Tegel
Karin Larsson
Nina Kronqvist
Elisabet Wahlberg
Jakob Dogan
Christofer Lendel
Helena Wållberg
Magdalena Malm
Filippa Fleetwood
Hanna Lindberg


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