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Mathematics (Dep)
School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.math.kth.se/math/

PROJECTS (19/19) 

Algebraic geometry

Algebraic, topological and probabilistic combinatorics


Dynamical systems

Enumerative geometry of moduli spaces of curves

Finite geometry

Graded algebras and modules

Inverse problems in tomography

Lagrangian methods for evolution equations

Local properties of complex manifolds

Mathematical cosmology

Number theory related to quantum chaos

Operators and geometry of Banach spaces

Potential theory

Probability, analysis, dynamics and statistical mechanics

Stochastic methods in mathematical physics

The Dirac operator and scalar curvature on Riemannian and Lorentzian manifolds

Wavelet analysis in medical signal processing



Boundaries of groups and actions on nonpositively curved spaces


Fourier analysis in Euclidean spaces

Free boundary problems, theory and application

Operator theory and complex analysis

Spectral theory of differential operators

The construction of parameter spaces of points and of zero dimensional cycles

PEOPLE (66/66) 

Professor Michael Benedicks (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Anders Björner (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Mattias Dahl (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Sandra Di Rocco (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Carel Faber (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Björn Gustafsson (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Olof Heden (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Håkan Hedenmalm (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Jens Hoppe (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Kurt Johansson (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Torbjörn Kolsrud (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Dan Laksov (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Ari Laptev (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Kirsti Mattila (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Henrik Shahgholian (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Per Sjölin (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Roy Skjelnes (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Jan-Olov Strömberg (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Mats Boij (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Anders Karlsson (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Svante Linusson (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Karim Daho (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Johan Thorbiörnson (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Professor Pär Kurlberg (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
Hans Ringström (Research Leader / Mathematics (Div))
John Andersson
Teitur Arnarsson
Magnus Aspenberg
Sergey V. Avgustinov
D. Beliaev
M. Bender
Jonas Bergström
Kristian Bjerklov
Augusto Brandao
Lennart Carleson
Håkan Carlqvist
Wojciech Chacholski
Tommy Ekola
Håkan Eliasson
Christian Grundh
Jonas Gustavsson
Axel Hultman
Nail Ibragimov
Koichiro Iwata
K. Johansson
Aram Karakhanyan
Eric Nordenstam
Anders Olofsson
Maria Saprykina
Onik Shahmirian
Harold Shapiro
Serguei Shimorin
Tomas Sjödin
Jonas Sjöstrand
Stanistav Smirnov
Faina I. Solov'eva
Alexander Engström
Johan Thapper
Joakim Arnlind
Douglas Lundholm
Laurent Hofer
Maceij Trzetrzelewski
Alexander Zheltukhin
Maurice Duits
Clemens Förster
Rikard Olofsson


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