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Organic Chemistry (»Add to Infobox)

School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Dynamic interactive chemical biology and biomedicine - DYNAMIC

Ecological chemistry/natural product chemistry

Element-element additions

Lewis acid-Lewis base catalyzed reactions

Self-adaptable catalysts

Solar cells and solar fuels at molecular level


Asymmetric catalysts using three-fold symmetry - AC3S

Asymmetric metal catalysis

Asymmetric metal mediated cyclizations of aminyl radicals as a novel entry to alkaloids

Bonding of phthalocyanine to oxides for solar cell applications

Chemistry for the Life Sciences

Computational and mechanistic studies of aerobic oxidation with transition metal catalyst systems

Diastereodivergent synthesis of vic-amino alcohols

Enantioselective reduction of azirines as a novel entry to aziridines and amines

New combinatorial methods to galectin inhibitors

New tools for asymmetric catalysis - downsizing

Parallel synthesis of new ligands for affinity chromatography

Stereoselective rearrangement reactions

Synthesis and characterization of surfactants based on natural products for pharmaceutical use

PEOPLE (39/39) 

Professor Anna-Karin Borg Karlsson (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Professor Christina Moberg (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Timofei Privalov (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Professor Olof Ramström (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Professor Licheng Sun (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Professor Peter Somfai (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Johan Franzén (Research Leader / Organic Chemistry)
Tatsuya Ashitani
Jan Blid
Daniel Hagberg
Astrid Kännaste
Ilme Liblikas
Jenny Lindh
Charlotta Lindquist
Stina Lundgren
Raimondas Mozuraitis
Kristina Neimert-Andersson
Marie Pettersson
Katinka Pålsson
Fredrik Rahm
Erik Risberg
Åsa Sjöholm
Staffan Torsell
Erica Wingstrand
Yunhua Xu
Wiktor Zierkevich
Remi Caraballo
Ester Fjellander
Anna Laurell
Khalid Widyan
Samir Andersson
Lele Duan
Erik Gabrielsson
Martin Karlsson
Peng Qin
Lianpeng Tong
Fujun Wang
Lin Li
Mikhail Gorlov


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