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Nuclear Physics (»Add to Infobox)

School of Engineering Sciences
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.nuclear.kth.se/nuclear.html

PROJECTS (14/14) 


Development of gamma-ray tracking detectors

Development of production methods for advanced nuclear fuels

European illicit trafficking countermeasures kit - EURITRACK

European research programme for the transmutation of high level nuclear waste in an accelerator driven system - EUROTRANS

Experimental studies of nuclear structure at the limits

Gamma-ray imaging using highly segmented Ge detectors

HyperGamma- Advanced gamma-ray detectors for hypernuclear spectroscopy

Nuclear medical imaging

Nuclear structure at its extreme and residual interactions

Plutonium and minor actinides management by gas-cooled reactors - PUMA

Probing nuclear states by means of alpha decay

Single event upset - soft errors in memory circuits in radiative environment

Uranium free fuels for accelerator driven systems: Collaboration on oxide and nitride fuel irradiation and modelling - CONFIRM


Dynamics of unstable nuclei


Impact of reduction and waste treatment techniques - REDIMPACT

Improvement of techniques for multiscale modelling of irradiated materials - ITEM

Measurement of nuclear moments

Thematic network on advanced options for partitioning and transmutation - ADOPT

PEOPLE (27/27) 

Professor Bo Cederwall (Research Leader / Nuclear Physics)
Professor Waclaw Gudowski (Research Leader / Reactor Physics)
Professor Andras Kerek (Research Leader / Medical Engineering)
Roberto Liotta (Research Leader / Nuclear Physics)
Lars-Olov Norlin (Research Leader / Nuclear Physics)
Professor Janne Wallenius (Research Leader / Reactor Physics)
Professor Ramon Wyss (Research Leader / Nuclear Physics)
Mikael Jolkkonen (Research Leader / Reactor Physics)
Professor Arne Johnson
Karin Andgren
Shufang Ban
Jerzy Cetnar
Roumiana Chakarova
Piet Duppen
Baharak Hadinia
Mark Huyse
Patrick Isaksson
Daniel Karlgren
Anton Khaplanov
Jie Meng
Jozsef Molnar
Dezsö Novak
Mikael Sandzelius
W Satula
Ivan Valastyan
Daniel Westlén
F Xu


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