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Fibre Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Fibre and Polymer Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.polymer.kth.se/forskning/fiberteknol...


Development of relevant methods to characterize the properties of thin layers of cellulose and polymeric additives

Failure criterion for fibre/fibre joints in self-binding fibre composite materials

Kinetics of reconformation of polyelectrolytes adsorbed onto surfaces of opposite charge

Multifunctional nanoparticles formed by polyelectrolyte complexes

Residual stress analysis for improved conversion and properties of paper and board


Biointeractive fibres with antibacterial properties

Detailed description of how the properties of the components in the interfacial layers will affect the properties of the layers

Edgewise liquid penetration in multilayered board

Fundamental processes behind recycling of paper

Influence of fibre chemistry on the fracture toughness of paper

PEOPLE (6/6) 

Professor Lars Wågberg (Research Leader / Fibre Technology)
Lars-Erik Enarsson
Malin Eriksson
Andrew Horvath
Rikard Lingström
Grete Åvitsland


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