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School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.s3.kth.se

PROJECTS (16/16) 

3D Video coding

ACCESS (Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks, Signals and Systems)

Antenna Centre of Excellence

Cooperative sensing and transmission

Cross-layer and multi-node cooperation in wireless communications

Cross-Layer Optimization in Short Range Wireless Sensor Networks (CROPS), Part II

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant: Agile MIMO systems for communications, biomedicine and defense – AMIMOS

Feedback design for wireless networked systems - FeedNetBack

Flexible coding for heterogeneous networks - FLEXCODE

Hearing in the communication society - HEARCOM

NECS: Networked embedded control systems

Resource allocation and multi-node cooperation in radio access networks (RAMCOORAN)

Sensor network for dynamic and cognitive radio access - SENDORA

Service-oriented cross-layer infrastructure for distributed smart embedded systems - SOCRADES

Trust wireless



Adaptive rate-distortion optimised sound coder - ARDOR

Affordable wireless services & infrastructure (AWSI): LCI/WP3 spatio temporal designs

Affordable wireless services & infrastructure (AWSI): Middleware for adaptive multimedia communications (MAMC)

Cross-layer issues in wireless multimedia internetworking

Cross-layer optimization in short range wireless sensor networks (CROPS)

Energy-efficient distributed compression and error control in wireless sensor networks

Feedback information in wireless transmission

Foreign language acquisition with the instinct of a child - FLIC

Integrated coding and control

Multiple model framework for detection in communication

Wireless World initiative new radio - WINNER

PEOPLE (7/7) 

Professor Bastiaan Kleijn (Research Leader / Communication Theory)
Professor Mikael Skoglund (Research Leader / Communication Theory)
Professor Erik Larsson, LiU (Research Leader / Communication Theory)
Lei Bau
Tomas Sköllermo
Niklas Wernersson
Ming Xiao


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