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Transport Science
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (17/17) 

Bus Rapid Transit – a review with identification of research questions

Car ownership model considering accessibility and public transport supply

Co-operative networks for intelligent road safety - COOPERS

Comfort and good driver behaviour in rail and bus services

Computationally efficient OD flow estimation

DYMOBUS: Dynamic Modelling of Bus and Car traffic

Effects of distance-based road-user fees for trucks

Evaluation of inter-modal transport chains

Freight customers’ valuations of factors of importance in the transportation market

Gröna tåget - Market, Traffic (services) and Train concept (MTT) subprojects

Modelling of transport emissions and fuel consumption using an integrated and distributed simulation platform

Models and condition measures for urban congestion. Relevance, validity and reliability

Public transport in dense corridors – bus, rail or parallell services?

Scheduling using a simulation tool - analysis of model and reality in complex railway systems. The Stockholm area example

Secure city for all through ITS

Traffic signals in roundabouts

Travellers’ choice - a study of competing supplies of train services on the West Coast Main Line


Before/after studies of congestion pricing in Stockholm

Capacity for passenger and freight traffic on a single track – Simulation of different traffic patterns on the Bothnia rail link between Sundsvall and Umeå

Easy-to-use public transport - framework for analysis of comprehensibility and spatial orientation

Effects on passengers' behaviour of IT-based information systems in public transport - is the information used for more effective travel behaviour?

Efficient future high-speed passenger train systems

Efficient train systems for rail freight transportation - model for supply and demand of rail freight

Express buses in the Stockholm trial with congestion charging

Follow-up of travel demand along the Blekinge Coast line at supply changes

High speed trains - A business approach and a benefit to society

Impact models for road traffic facilities (EMV)

Improvement of traffic signal control “LHOVRA”

ITS for efficient road traffic management

Model for supply and cost for freight transport by rail

Monetary valuations of ride comfort - willingness to pay for different levels of maintenance management

PREDIKT - Short-term prediction of travel times and route choices in case of incidents

Public transport worth its price - effects on regional commuting

SILVESTER - Simulation of choice between starting times and routes

Track system for flexible train operation - future track, trains and time tables

PEOPLE (22/22) 

Professor emeritus Karl-Lennart Bång (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Leonid Engelson (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Oskar Fröidh (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Karl Kottenhoff (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Professor Bo-Lennart Nelldal (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Janne Sandahl (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Azhar Al-Mudhaffar (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Dr. Wilco Burghout (Research Leader / Centre for Traffic Research)
Professor Harilaos Koutsopoulos (Research Leader / Transportation and Logistics)
Jeffery Archer
Karin Aronsson
Katrin Dziekan
Kjell Jansson
Lisa Lagerén
Anders Lindahl
Olov Lindfeldt
Sofia Lundberg
Eugene Merritt
Carlos Adolfo Morán Toledo
Albania Nissan
Gerhard Troche
Jana Sochor


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