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School of Biotechnology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.biotech.kth.se/biochem/

PROJECTS (13/13) 


Biocatalysts for material design - BIOMADE

Enzymatic synthesis

Enzyme catalysis for surface modification and polymer synthesis

Mechanistic studies of living free radical polymerization

Molecular basis of enzyme action

Molecular modelling in enzyme catalysis

Nanocomposite insulation systems

Non-natural enzyme reactions

Sensor protection

Structure and properties of expandable acrylonitrile copolymer particles prepared via suspension polymerisation

Technology development in the field of DNA diagnostics

Wood fibre modification using enzymes


Modelling the pyrosequencing reaction

Molecular-based objects - nanoscopic control of physical and mechanical properties

Surface modification of cellulose fibres by 'controlled' radical polymerization

PEOPLE (22/22) 

Professor Per Berglund (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Professor Karl Hult (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Professor Eva Malmström Jonsson (Research Leader / Coating Technology)
Mats Martinelle (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Professor Pål Nyrén (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Christina Divne (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Torkel Berglund (Research Leader / Biochemistry)
Magnus Eriksson
Linda Fransson
Eva Hedin
Anders Magnusson
Cecilia Mårtensson
Joke Rotticci-Mulder
Anna Svantesson
Maria Svedendahl
Mohamad Takwa
Karim Engelmark Cassimjee
Tommy Nordström
Michael Akhras
Michaela Edin
Farbod Babrzadeh
Anna Ohlsson


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