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Numerical Analysis and Computing Science
School of Computer Science and Communication
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Internet:  http://www.nada.kth.se/na/


Adaptive computation of turbulent flow

Computational modelling of the mammalian cell

Construction, analysis and implementation of adaptive methods for turbulent flow

EUNISON - Extensive UNIfied-domain SimulatiON of the human voice

General electromagnetic solvers (GEMS)

Molecular dynamics simulation of condensed matter systems

Numerical methods for high-frequency wave propagation


Bayesian model engineering

Dominant battlespace awareness

Matlab toolbox

Model reduction for systems with multiple scales

Numerical simulations of fibre suspensions

Partial differential equations and finite element methods

PSCI:s program for high performance computing

Vulnerability of complex infrastructure; power distribution and supporting digital communications

PEOPLE (17/17) 

Professor Stefan Arnborg (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Professor Michail Dzugutov (Research Leader / Physical Metallurgy)
Professor Björn Engquist (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Michael Hanke (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Professor Axel Ruhe (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Olof Runborg (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Professor Anders Szepessy (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Johan Hoffman (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Anna-Karin Tornberg (Research Leader / Numerical Analysis)
Joel Brynielsson
S.R. Elliott
Elin Olsson
S. Simdyankin
Magnus Strömgren
David Wales
Klas Wallenius
Katarina Gustavsson


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