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School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Data driven sustainability

ENEF - Central Baltic cooperation in energy efficiency and feasibility in urban planning

Fundamental processes of radionuclide migration - FUNMIG

Household metabolism – Modelling the indirect environmental load of household purchase decisions and using the results to explore options for reductions and systems effects

Sorption/complexation kinetics between humic substances and cations

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County, phase 2


A scientific evaluation of the Stockholm climate investment programme (KLIMP)

Barriers to implementation of the Environmental Load Profile...

Coastal zone management

Environmental aspects of leisure time consumption: Theoretical developments, empirical analysis and normative discussions

Environmental assessment of built environment

Geochemical retention of radionuclides in soils and sediments

Haapsalu Bay - a case study showing the need of sustainable coastal zone management

Human oriented sustainable transport means - HOST

IPP chains: Policy instruments in networks and processes

MAMMUT - Managing the metabolism of urbanisation

MenuTool - Developing an interactive tool for environmental menu planning, evaluating it and making recommendations for further use

Process-based modelling of sorption as a possible tool within PA and SC modelling - A Pilot Case Exercise

Retention of redox sensitive metals/metalloids at reducing mineral surfaces - FUNMIG

Sustainable fish supply for Stockholm County

Systems analysis - Energy recovery from waste comparing catalytic combustion with fuel cells and flame combustion

Waste management and waste-to-energy applications in tropical urban areas – Thailand and Vietnam case study

PEOPLE (18/18) 

Fredrik Gröndahl (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Professor Ronald Wennersten (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Nils Brandt (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Björn Frostell (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Annika Carlsson-Kanyama (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Maria Malmström (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Olga Kordas (Research Leader / Industrial Ecology)
Karolina Brick
Martin Erlandsson
Per Hultén
Stefan Johansson
Per Levin
Anna-Lisa Linden
Simona Regenspurg
Getachew Assefa
Hossein Shahrokni
Louise Årman
Carlos Vktorsson


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