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Engineering Material Physics (»Add to Infobox)

Materials Science and Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (17/17) 

A network on nanostructured materials

Advanced materials for future electronics - spintronics

Advanced nanostructured thermoelectrics for space applications

Biologically derived new generation ultra-high-density patterned magnetic recording media

Bulk metallic glasses - the flawless material

Deposition of nanostructured magnetic materials using ink-jet technology

Force Microscopy studies of high performance nanophase materials

Half-metallic compounds for spintronics applications

High temperature superconductors

Instrumentation for in-plane local susceptibility determination and imaging

Magnetic large scale integrated systems

Mechanics of outer hair cells as the basis for auditory function

New reaction and electrolyte media for inorganic synthesis and solar cells

Novel magnetism at bulk glassy dimensions

Novel multifunctional oxide sensor materials for monitoring environment

Organic magnets. Towards carbon nanoelectronics

Transparent piezoelectric ferromagnets


Biological chemistry in medical technology applications

The design and characterization of multifunctional materials of tomorrow - NANOCAGE

PEOPLE (27/27) 

Lyuba Belova (Research Leader / Engineering Material Physics)
Professor Lars Kloo (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Professor K Venkat Rao (Research Leader / Engineering Material Physics)
Vikrant Agnihotri
Rajeev Ahuja
Hong Tao Cao
Kristoffer Fagerlund
Ziyang Gu
Amita Gupta
Johan Jönsson
Mukes Kapilashrami
Ricardo Ortega
Rainer Petri
Amilcar Pinto Bedoya
Nikolay Polushkin
A.R. Raju
Parmanand Sharma
Andrey Shkabko
Valter Ström
Chandran Sudhakar
Wolfgang Voit
Umesh V. Waghmare
Naohiro Watanabe
Jesper Wittborn
Werner Zapka
Alexandra Zelenskaya
Gu Ziyan


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