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Polymer Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Fibre and Polymer Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (19/19) 

A sustainable process for production of green chemicals from softwood bark - Probark

Bio-composites based on birch suberin

Bioproduction - Sustainable microbial and biocatalytic production of advanced functional materials

Configuration and morphology of recycled polymers

Design of antimicrobial polymers for medical devices

Design of biodegradable biocomposites with tuned degradation time

Design of environmentally friendly PVC plasticizers through value added recycling of commodity plastics and from renewable resources

Energy-efficient cellulosic insulation products/panels for green building solutions

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant: New paradigm in the design of degradable polymeric materials - Macroscopic performance translated to all levels of order

Flame-retardant plastic insulation surrounding conductor rails in distribution boxes and in other electrical equipment

Nanocomposite insulation systems

Packaging from functional and renewable hydrolysates

Porous scaffolds of resorbable polyesters for tissue engineering

Refined cellulose derivatives for high-value biomedical products (Recell)

Refinement of a micro scale method for studying emissions from building materials

Release of organic substances from polyolefin pipes exposed to chlorinated water

Strategies for sustainable polymeric materials by recycling

Test methods for biodegradable polymers

The safety of plastic packaging during microwave heating of food


A future for the Vasa shipwreck – characterization of degradation of wood polymers

Biocomposite materials for structural applications

Biointeractive fibres with antibacterial properties

Biomedical functional materials

Biomedical functional polymers

Functional renewable materials from wood hydrolysate

Industrial production of high performance ecological polymeric composites based on residual/renewable cellulose fibres and post consumer thermoplastics - Ecosites

Long-term properties of polymeric materials

Mechanisms of adhesion and growth of micro-organisms on silicones in outdoor high voltage insulators

Modification and characterisation of biopolymers for use in novel materials

Nanopatterned scaffolds

New cellulose derivatives from food for high value products (Newcell)

Novel food delivery materials based on hemicelluloses

Polymers for the future

Quality assessment of recycled plastics

Refined cellulose derivatives for biomedical products

“Green” hemicellulose-based hydrogels

PEOPLE (28/28) 

Professor Ann-Christine Albertsson (Research Leader / Polymer Technology)
Monica Ek (Research Leader / Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology)
Professor Sigbritt Karlsson (Research Leader / Polymer Technology)
Minna Hakkarainen (Research Leader / Polymer Technology)
Dane Momcilovic (Research Leader / Polymeric Materials)
Natalia Andronova
Sara Axelsson
Ulrica Edlund
Jonas Enebro
Ann-Charlotte Engström
Ana Espert
Martina Källrot
Mathias Lugoye
Silvanus Machibya
Bwire Ndazi
Lina Ragnarsson
Rajiv Srivastava
Clara Strandberg
Emma Strömberg
J. Tesha
Indra K. Varma
Francisco Vilaplana
Stina Wallström
Åsa Westberg
Anna Finne Wistrand
Therese Redin
Karin Odelius
Anders Höglund


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