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Chemical Engineering and Technology
School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



PROJECTS (23/23) 

Analysis of total tar in producer gas

Biofuels research infrastructure for sharing knowledge - BRISK

Clean hydrogen-rich synthesis gas - CHRISGAS

CO2-neutral diesel from gasified black liquor

COST Action D36: Molecular structure-performance relationships at the surface of functional materials

COST Action D43: Colloid and interface chemistry for nanotechnology

Development of a photoionization-detection technique for on-line measurement

Development of high-temperature stable catalytic combustion catalysts for rocket engines

Development of protein-based nano-system for drinking water treatment

Energy efficient reduction of exhaust emissions from vehicles

FTIR gas-phase analyzer of reformate

Green “methane gas”

Iron as a tar cracking catalyst and sulphur absorber

Next generation heat-integrated fuel reformer for automotive applications

Partial oxidation of methane to CO and H2 and Gas-to-Liquid processes

Plasma enhanced reactions for environmental applications - Plasma and catalysis

Preparation of biodiesel and gasoline from waxes produced by the Fischer Tropsch process

Preparation of fuel from waste products

Process development of co-production of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Diesel and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) from biomass-derived syngas

Production of ethanol from synthesis gas (CO+H2) and methane

Pyrolysis and reactivity of commercial biomass material

Research on fuel cell-based APU systems

The catalysed water-gas shift reaction - kinetics, mechanisms and catalysts


A novel routine to generate renewable liquid using ultra high temperature steam pyrolysis of lignocellulose-based raw material

Advanced zero emission power plant (AZEP)

Catalytic combustion of gasified biomass and natural gas at high pressure for gas turbine applications

Catalytic hybrid lean-premixed burner for gas turbines - CATHLEAN

Co-ordination of nanostructured catalytic oxides research and development in Europe - CONCORDE

Diesel reforming catalyst for heavy-duty truck APU systems

High pressure catalytic combustion for gas turbine applications

High temperature air/steam gasification of biomass and wastes

SKB Uranium dioxide

Synthesis gas from biomass through pressurised gasification II

Systems analysis - Energy recovery from waste comparing catalytic combustion with fuel cells and flame combustion

Tar measurement standard

The KTH cluster of research infrastructures in sustainable thermal power generation - SUSPOWER

PEOPLE (29/29) 

Magali Boutonnet (Research Leader / Chemical Technology)
Reza Fakhrai (Research Leader / Heat and Power Technology)
Professor Sven Järås (Research Leader / Chemical Technology)
Truls Liliedahl (Research Leader / Chemical Technology)
Professor Lars J Pettersson (Research Leader / Chemical Technology)
Krister Sjöström (Research Leader / Chemical Technology)
Jeevan Perera Weeraratne Jayasuriya
Claes Brage
Erik Elm Svensson
Sara Eriksson
Tore Eriksson
Mikael Lundgren
Sara Lögdberg
Arturo Manrique Carrera
Marita Nilsson
Thomas Nordgreen
Qizhuang Yu
Mozhgan Ahmadis
Vera Nemanova
Christer Rosén
Lars-Peter Wiktorsson
Robert Andersson
Matteo Lualdi
Francesco Regali
Luis López
Roberto Lanza
Jorge Velasco
Matteo Lualdi
Otto von Krusenstierna


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