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Electric Power Systems (»Add to Infobox)

School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (10/10) 

Defense plans using PMUs and Wide-Area Monitoring Protection and Control Systems

Ideal Grid for All - IDE4L

Large volumes of wind power

MANGO classes/models

Power market analysis

Power system analysis

Real time tools for voltage stability, power system modelling and control

Small-Signal Stability


Validation of dynamic models


Competence Centre in electric power engineering

Distant offshore windfarms with no visual impact in deepwater - DOWNVInD

EIT Smart Power project 2013 task 2.1 sub-task 2.1.1

PMU-based power system operation tools

Wind power integration in liberalised electricity markets - WILMAR

PEOPLE (30/30) 

Professor Lennart Söder (Research Leader / Electric Power Systems)

Mikael Amelin (Research Leader / Electric Power Systems)
Valerijs Knazkins (Research Leader / Electric Power Systems)
Luigi Vanfretti (Research Leader / Electric Power Systems) Thomas Ackermann
Elin Broström
Mehrdad Ghandhari
Elin Lindgren
Julija Matevosyan
Magnus Olsson
Jonas Persson
Torbjörn Solver
Magnus Öhrström
Jan Lavenius
Maxine Baudette
Hossein Hooshyar
Farhan Mahmood
Mengjia Zhang
Giuseppe Laera
Wei Li
Naveed Ahmad Khan
Rokibul Hasan
Robert Rogersten
Yuwa Chompoobutrgool
F. Rafael Segundo Sevilla
Mohammad Shoaib Almas
Iyad Al Khatib
Rujiroj Leelaruji
Tetiana Bogodorova
Francisco Gomez


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