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Energy and Furnace Technology (»Add to Infobox)

Materials Science and Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology




Biofuels research infrastructure for sharing knowledge - BRISK

Biomass gasification for powder steel production

Energy and Material recovery from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) using steam gasification

Extended Gasifier Technologies (XGaTe)

Process and living lab for industrial energy efficiency


A novel routine to generate renewable liquid using ultra high temperature steam pyrolysis of lignocellulose-based raw material

ACoPP - Advanced near zero emission Coal-fired Power Plant

Development and Optimization of a Plasma Gasification Melting (PGM) process for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

High temperature air combustion (HTAC)

High temperature air/steam gasification of biomass and wastes

Micro-reaction mechanisms: Investigation of high temperature steam gasification of biomass using Density Functional Theory

Multi-fuel energy generation for Sustainable and Efficient use of Coal (SECoal)

Preliminary investigation and evaluation of biomass for blast furnaces

Reforming of car residue (ASR, tires..) pyrolysis products into high-purity synthetic gas for small-scale electricity generation

Study of ignition and kinetics of biomass/solid waste thermal conversion with high-temperature air/steam

The KTH cluster of research infrastructures in sustainable thermal power generation - SUSPOWER

PEOPLE (28/28) 

Professor Wlodzimierz Blasiak (Research Leader / Energy and Furnace Technology)

Weihong Yang (Research Leader / Energy and Furnace Technology) Jonas Brabäck
Anna Jansson
Sylwester Kalisz
Carlos Lucas
Magnus Mörtberg
Nabil Rafidi
Alberto Tsamba
Patrik Wikström
Artur Swiderski
Pawel Donaj
Katarzyna Kubik
Aliaksandr Alevanau
Ana Ponzio
Qinglin Zhang
Liran Dor
Xiaolei Zhang
Efthymios Kantarelis
Pelle Mellin
Jun Li
Mersedeh Ghadamgahi
Wenjing Wen
Duleeka Rathnayaka
M D S Gunarathne
Panagiotis Evangelopoulos
Yueshi Wu
Jan Chmielewski


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