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Inorganic Chemistry (»Add to Infobox)

School of Chemical Science and Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Biologically derived new generation ultra-high-density patterned magnetic recording media

Dissolved organic material in water

Electron transfer in oligometallic co-ordination compounds

New reaction and electrolyte media for inorganic synthesis and solar cells

Redox processes in granite


Actinide chemistry in aqueous solution: Thermodynamics and dynamics

Biological chemistry in medical technology applications

Dissolved organic material in natural water and in a landfill

Network of Excellence for actinide sciences - ACTINET

Novel lanthanide perhalogenates as optical materials

Photochemical reactions of the uranyl ion

The design and characterization of multifunctional materials of tomorrow - NANOCAGE

PEOPLE (23/23) 

Andreas Fischer (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Professor Julius Glaser (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Professor emeritus Ingmar Grenthe (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Zoltán Szabó (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Olle Wahlberg (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Professor Lars Kloo (Research Leader / Inorganic Chemistry)
Istvan Bányai
Per-Olov Bergström
Margareta Eriksson
Ĺsa Zazzi
Linda Hussami
Dimitri Khoshtariya
Guibin Ma
Mikhail Maliarik
Peter Nagy
Giuseppe Palladino
Eva-Stina Riihimäki
Imre Tóth
Monica Östman
Alan Snedden
Josefin Ĺkerstedt
Ze Yu
Viktor Johansson


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