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Industrial Economics and Management (Dep)
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Competitive service work: Innovative or industrialized?

Doing leadership

Project overload in multiproject settings: a study on the work situation in highly complex organisations

Sustainable energy systems in advanced cities - SESAC

The Pink Machine - a study of aesthetics and fantasy in economic and technical creation


Cities and clusters

Economics of corporate sustainability management

Industrial project management

Interactive entrepreneurship

The big picture and the small talk

The garage enterprises: passion, innovation and creative environments

PEOPLE (13/13) 

Professor emeritus Claes Gustafsson (Research Leader / Industrial Economics and Management (Div))
Johann Packendorff (Research Leader / Industrial Economics and Management (Div))
Anette Hallin (Research Leader / Industrial Economics and Management (Div))
Monica Lindgren (Research Leader / Industrial Economics and Management (Div))
Professor Mats Engwall (Research Leader / Industrial Economics and Management (Div))
Helena Csarmann
Mikolaj Dymek
Tina Karrbom-Gustavsson
Thomas Lennerfors
Marcus Lindahl
David Sköld
Professor Thomas Sandberg
Anna Jerbrant


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