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Communication Systems (»Add to Infobox)

School of Information and Communication Technology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Affordable Wireless Broadband Access

Green Radio, Investigating energy consumption of wireless networks

Interactive Learning Spaces (iSpace)

Next generation peer-to-peer delivery platform - P2P Nesxt

OFDM for Mobile Communications Systems

Resource management for IP-based mobile communication systems

Security system for mobile agents


A fast-converging inter-domain routing architecture

Adaptive and context-aware services (ACAS)

Infrastructure knowledge in the mobile Internet

Integrated fault management system in IP-over-WDM networks

Network of excellence in wireless communications - NEWCOM

Novel access provisioning


Optical buffering and reliability issues in next generation optical networks

Radio resource management in wireless systems

Routing in optical networks

Software agent technology for ambiently intelligent systems (FASADE)

Supporting real-time services to mobile Internet hosts

Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN)


PEOPLE (14/14) 

Professor Carl Gustaf Jansson (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Professor Sead Muftic (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Jan Markendahl (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Ben Slimane (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Professor Jens Zander (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Anders Västberg (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Professor Lena Wosinska (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Professor emeritus Björn Pehrson (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Björn Knutsson (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Peter Sjödin (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Markus Hidell (Research Leader / Communication Systems)
Pietro Lungaro
Fredrik Kilander
Erik Eliasson


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