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KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



ACCESS (Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks, Signals and Systems)

ACCESS Industrial Partnership Programme

Antenna Centre of Excellence

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant: Agile MIMO systems for communications, biomedicine and defense – AMIMOS

Reliability centred asset management (RCAM)

Risks in the electrical distribution systems with optimal maintenance management


Wireless MIMO communication systems - modelling, analysis, and design


Affordable wireless services & infrastructure (AWSI): LCI/WP3 spatio temporal designs

Assessment on improved spectral efficiency of multi user satellite networks

Basic research programme in signal processing for communications and radar

Competence Centre in electric power engineering

Cooperative and opportunistic communications in wireless netorks - COOPCOM

Cooperative and Opportunistic Communications in Wireless Networks

Detection and classification of 3D image sequence in automotive security systems

Maintenance optimisation of electrical networks

Methods for precision navigation

Modelling of power equipment reliability with special reference to the impact of maintenance

Network of excellence in wireless communications - NEWCOM

Reliability and cost-centred maintenance methods

Wireless World initiative new radio - WINNER

PEOPLE (2/2) 

Carl Johan Wallnerström (Scientist / School of Electrical Engineering)
Professor Björn Ottersten


Alfvén Laboratory Centre for Space and Fusion Plasma Physics

Automatic Control

Communication Networks

Communication Theory

Electric Power Systems

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

Electromagnetic Engineering

Fusion Plasma Physics

Industrial Information and Control Systems

Microsystem Technology

Signal Processing Lab

Space and Plasma Physics

Sound and Image Processing

Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering


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