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Integrated Devices and Circuits (»Add to Infobox)

School of Information and Communication Technology
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


1D devices for Ge and 2D materials utilizing 3D integration technology

CMOS high frequency circuits for STO Technology

Germanium nanowire transistors for sequential 3D integration

Graphene-based RF Circuits

Ion technology centre

Mi-Soc: Multi-Source Energy Management for Self-Powered Biosensors

WOV Working on Venus


Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS - NANOFUNCTION

CMOS technology for analogue applications

Coordination action on defects relevant to engineering advanced silicon-based devices - CADRES

Diffusion mechanisms for dopants in compound semiconductors

Digitally Enhanced RF/Analog for Wireless Radios

Electric biochips

erBio: Ultra Low-Power Electronics for Biomedical Devices

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant: Open silicon based research platform for emerging devices - OSIRIS

Fundamental noise studies on strain-engineered and high-mobility nano-scale transistors

High-speed integrated field-effect devices based on strained Si/SiGe heterostructures

High-temperature electronic systems all in silicon carbide (SiC) for electric vehicles

Implantation technology for wide bandgap semiconductors

Long-wavelength vertical cavity lasers

Monomode surface-emitting lasers – MOSEL

Nordic collaboration on defects and diffusion in semiconductors and heterostructures - NOCDAD

Printed RFID sensor solutions

Radio and mixed signal circuit system for convergent wireless applications - RaMSiS

Regenerable electric DNA chips

Regenerable electric DNA chips

Si-based nanodevices - SINANO

Silicon based devices and circuits for RF/Wireless

Silicon carbide bipolar transistors for electric power systems for motor drives and distributed generation

Silicon Germanium CVD

Silicon Nanoelectronics Programme, NEMO

Simulation, devices and process technology in silicon carbide

Strained Si and SiGe in deca-nanometer SOI CMOS

Wireless network detectors for seamless handover in 4G

PEOPLE (11/11) 

Professor Anders Hallén (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Margareta Linnarsson (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Professor Mattias Hammar (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Professor Mikael Östling (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Docent Per-Erik Hellström (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
B. Gunnar Malm (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Henry Radamson (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Professor Ana Rusu (Research Leader / Integrated Devices and Circuits)
Yong-Bin Wang
Jiantong Li


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