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Energy and Climate Studies (ECS) (»Add to Infobox)

Energy Technology
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


PROJECTS (12/12) 

Assessing the sustainability of sugarcane bioenergy systems: Key criteria and methodological improvements

Biogas based poly-generation for rural development in Bangladesh (Access to clean energy and services)

Competitive renewable gas options

Electricity access and human development in the Amazon region

Energy Systems Analysis Agency (ESA2)

Global energy and climate studies research programme

Renewable energy market for rural electrification in developing countries

Sustainable supply chain management for bioenergy systems

The impacts of the EU sustainability scheme for biofuels in bioethanol markets

The trends in CO2 emissions and energy efficiency in Swedish industries

Transforming bioenergy systems in support of climate and development: Evaluating cross-scale policy linkages

Urban and industrial waste to energy - Promoting sustainable development in Bolivia


An extensive technical, economical and environmental assessment of energy recovery from palm-oil residues

Bioenergy from a land-use perspective – competition or synergies with other interests?

Energy and climate studies programme

Improving reliability in the Brazilian electric system ─ policy lessons from the Swedish experience (2008-2009)

PEOPLE (13/13) 

Professor Semida Silveira (Research Leader / Energy and Climate Studies)
Brijesh Mainali
Maria Fernanda Gómez Galindo
Tomas Lönnqvist
Dr. Ricardo Moreira
Xi Pang
Dilip Khatiwada
Johannes Morfeldt
Henrique Pacini
Alessandro Sanches Pereira
Post-Doc Clara Pardo Martínez
Francis X. Johnson
Ershad Khan


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