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Complex plasmas under microgravity conditions (Svetlana Ratynskaia)

Period: 2006-03-01 - 2012-09-30

This project is run in cooperation with the Max-Planck Institute in Garching, Germany, and is based on data obtained from a microgravity plasma experiment on board the International Space Station, » more
Diagnostics of dust in fusion devices (Svetlana Ratynskaia)

Period: 2006-10-01 - 2012-09-30

We investigate diagnostics of dust particles in the scrape-off layer (SOL) by the electrostatic probes based on the idea that the features of the probe signal caused by dust would have different » more
Dynamic charging effects in complex plasmas (Michael Raadu)

Period: 2000-01-01 - 2010-12-31

The dust grains in a complex (dusty) plasma strongly modify the physical behaviour. The origin, composition and physical properties of these grains are of fundamental interest. In space, dust plays an » more


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