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EUNISON - Extensive UNIfied-domain SimulatiON of the human voice (Professor Sten Ternström)

  Period: 2013-03-01 - 2016-02-29

This project seeks to build physics-based simulations of the human voice that are more detailed and more complete than before, using numerical models that have been validated against mechanical » more
How can future cochlear implants improve auditory acuity? (Professor Arne Leijon)

Period: 2007-01-01 - 2008-12-31

A Cochlear Implant (CI) stimulates the auditory nerve electrically and creates sound impressions even if there are no sensory cells in the inner ear (cochlea). Current CI systems are of great help for » more
SONEA - Sonification of elite athletes (Roberto Bresin)

  Period: 2008-11-01 - 2013-12-31

The main idea in the SONEA project is that of applying knowledge in the perception of everyday sounds, in sound synthesis techniques, and in interactive sonification, to the auditory representation of » more


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